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European Liberalisms and Modern Concepts of Liberty in Iran

Published in Homa Katouzian Iranian History and Politics (Rouledge, 2007) The subject One hundred years ago there was a massive revolution in Iran primarily for the establishment of law and lawful government. This may still come as a surprise to some who are nurtured and versed in the history of modern Europe. Modern European [...]

Graduate Student Letter in Support of Dr. Homa Katouzian

It is with great regret and dismay that we have witnessed a flurry of press in both the British and Persian-language media casting aspersions on Dr. Homa Katouzian’s reputation by means of unsubstantiated innuendo and anonymous accusers.   Irrespective of the admissions process which led to Mr. Hashemi-Bahramani’s acceptance to the Faculty [...]

Short-Termist Iranians: Controversy over Dr Katouzian and Rafsanjani’s son

by Hossein Shahidi 10-Apr-2011 from: Iranian.com For the past week, I have watched with bewilderment and sorrow the onslaught on my friend and teacher, Dr Homa Katouzian, in connection with the admission to Oxford University of a son of the former Iranian President, Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani. By now, Dr Katouzian has clarified his academic [...]


There is no universal theory of revolutions if only because no scientific theory can be universal. Neither is there even a general theory of European revolutions. But elements of such a theory do exist, including the crucial fact that European revolutions, though very different in time and space, were revolts against the ruling social [...]

Ribā is Forbidden but Interest is Permitted in Islam

I. The problem If there is one thing on which all the different Islamic sects are united, it is the law of prohibition of ribā.  Yet, the precise application of the law has always been a subject of argument and interpretation among Islamic jurists (fuqahā) and religious leaders.  In recent years, the significant increase in income and wealth [...]

Musaddiq and the Struggle for Power in Iran

Muhammad Musaddiq was the first of the great charismatic anti-colonial campaigners of the post-war world. As Prime Minister of Iran between 1951 and 1953 he nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, led the nation's defiant attempt to run its oil industry independently during an economic blockade, and attempted to strengthen the role of [...]

Sa‘di and Sufism

Homa Katouzian Despite his universally acclaimed eloquence and clarity of expression, Sa‘di’s opinions, attitudes and ideas have been described in different, frequently conflicting, terms. He has been described as a sceptic, a pragmatist, a humanitarian, a moralist, an unethical writer, a religious preacher, and an Islamic mystic. Often, a [...]

Poetry of the Constitutional Revolution

Homa Katouzian The Constitutional Revolution saw a flowering of young poetical talents who wrote mostly on social and political subjects and published them immediately in newspapers and political tracts. Their poetry was unmistakably fresh and modern, often experimenting with modified classical and neo-classical structures, innovating new figures [...]